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Husband set up secret video camera that recorded wife pouring liquid soap into his and son’s tea

By Mason White 12:34 PM July 20, 2017
Cup of tea (illustration)
Cup of tea (illustration)
By: Mason White

A husband who noticed that his tea had a strange taste, decided to put up a hidden video camera in his kitchen, according to police in Japan.

Aichi police said that they have arrested 49-year-old Masami Watanabe, after being accused of pouring liquid soap into the tea of her husband and son.

According to the police investigation, Watanabe’s 46-year-old husband and their 11-year-old son liked drinking tea and always kept several bottles in the fridge.

Recently, the husband noticed that the tea had a bad taste. The husband decided to install a hidden camera in the kitchen to find out why his tea tasted bad.

The husband was shocked to see his wife pouring liquid soap in his tea. Armed with the evidence, the husband called police and his wife was arrested.

During questioning, Watanabe told police that she was not the one who poured the liquid soap in her husband’s tea despite the fact that she was confronted with video evidence.