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Chinese student left car in British couple’s driveway for entire summer with instructions to water his plant daily

By Mason White 3:04 PM July 21, 2017
Tom and Julia Ebenezer
Tom and Julia Ebenezer
By: Alexis Bell

A couple of the United Kingdom, was furious when they found a car on their property with a note, saying that it will be there for 11 weeks.

Tom and Julia Ebenezer of Aberystwyth, Wales, returned home one day, to discover a black Citroen parked in their driveway.

The bewildered couple looked for clues as to who the vehicle belonged to.

They did not have to wait long, as they found a note stating that the car belonged to a student named Jack from China, who went home for summer break.

In addition, the student left his cactus plant in their driveway for the couple to water while he was away.

The note read: “Hi, it’s Jack from Glan Rheidol, thank you so much for letting me park my car here, if you don’t mind, can you help me to take care of my plant as well please.

“I will bring some presents from China for you. If there is any problem, please call me. I will be back at 15 September. Thank you so much.”

He left his phone number in China, and the one from the U.K. for when he returned. The retired couple learned that the student, 18-year-old Jack, who studies business at Aberystwyth University, lived across the street from them.

Tom and Julia Ebenezer were annoyed with the student’s actions and they called police. They wanted the car to be removed from their property.

However, police and city officials told the couple that they were powerless to do anything about the vehicle because it was parked on private property.

To their surprise, the couple said they were warned the if they wanted to remove the car from their property they must be careful as they may be held liable for any damage.

All that’s left for them to do is hope that the student brings them back great presents.