49-year-old woman missing for 7 years found mummified in her own apartment

Old woman sitting on park bench (illustration)
Old woman sitting on park bench (illustration)
By: William Martin  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

Neighbors of a woman who was missing for many years, were shocked to learn that she was in her apartment all along, according to police in Spain.

Culleredo police have launched an investigation after the mummified body of 49-year-old Maria del Rosario, was found in her apartment after she disappeared 7 years ago.

According to the police investigation, Rosario lived in her apartment for many years with her mother. When her mother passed away, Rosario continued living in the apartment alone.

One day, she died in the hallway of her apartment. Rosario had no relatives. He body became mummified due to the extreme heat.

For the first few years after her death, the real estate company managing her apartment, continued to get paid by withdrawing money from her bank account.

When the bank account ran out of money, the real estate company filed a complaint with the police for non payment of rent.

Several months later, the electric and water were cut to the apartment.

Neighbors reported that the woman's mail piled up and her car remained untouched, unopened and covered with dust in the garage.

The windows of her apartment were filthy, and they were unable to look inside. This week, police broke down the door to the apartment and found the woman lying dead in the hallway.

There were no signs of a struggle in the apartment, leading police to believe that the woman died of natural causes.