Father misses baby's birth after being arrested while speeding his pregnant bleeding wife to the hospital

Newborn baby (illustration)
Newborn baby (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) A father in Louisiana, is very angry that he missed his child's birth because a police officer decided to arrest him while taking his bleeding wife to the hospital.

Creola police said that they have arrested Zak Evans, because he was speeding in excess of 100 miles per hour, placing the lives of everyone in danger, including his wife and child.

Evans received citations for speeding, flight from an officer and careless operation.

He was booked at the Rapides Parish Jail, and was then taken by police to the hospital to reunite with his wife, Bridget, who already gave birth to Letty.

Letty weighed 4 pounds and four ounces, and is expected to be a healthy child despite being born prematurely.

According to the police investigation, Bridget, who was pregnant, went to the bathroom and noticed blood on her leg.

She alerted her husband Zak, and they immediately jumped into their car and drove to the hospital.

Zak admitted that he did not pay attention to the speed limit because he feared that his wife or baby might die.

Officer Don Crooks noticed that Zak was driving 108 miles per hour in a 55 MPH zone, and activated his lights and sirens.

Zak refused to pull over, and continued speeding for 5 miles and passing cars by driving on the shoulder.

When Zak was blocked by another police car, he pulled over, and began shouting that his wife is in labor and bleeding.

Crooks decided to arrest Zak because his action could have led to him hitting another vehicle on the way to the hospital.

As a result of his reckless driving, he could have killed himself, his wife and his baby, police said.

Officers were lenient with Zak and they drove him to the hospital instead of taking him to jail for a bail hearing.