Man has sex with 3-year-old girl and uses her as voodoo doll piercing 7 needles into her body

Voodoo doll (illustration)
Voodoo doll (illustration)
By: Mason White

Police are looking to arrest man who allegedly had sex with a young girl and used her as a voodoo doll, according to police in India.

Kolkata police said that 62-year-old Sanatan Thakur, raped the 3-year-old girl numerous times and used her for black magic.

Thakur is currently on the run.

According to the police investigation, the girl's mother worked at the home of Thakur. Thakur practiced black magic and decided to use the girl as his voodoo doll.

He pierced seven needles into her body, some of which went into her organs. He also raped the girl numerous times.

The girl was taken to the hospital after the mother believed she was suffering from a very bad cold. Doctors called the police after they noticed that the girl suffered sexual abuse.

After taking X-rays, doctors noticed seven needles in the child's body. The girl underwent surgery for more than two hours to remove the needles from her body.

The girl is expected to make a full recovery as the needles did not damage any organs.