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Principal gets $21,000 pay cut for ordering teachers to do his son’s math homework

By Mason White 2:07 PM July 21, 2017
George Lockhart
George Lockhart
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A student got special privileges because his father was the principal of his school, and now, his family will pay a heavy price.

The Florida high school principal was demoted after an investigation revealed that he ordered three teachers to do his son’s algebra homework assignments.

George Lockhart was the Lake Worth principal for many years, and he did a great job, according to Palm Beach Superintendent Robert Avossa.

Avossa said that they have received a number of complaints against the principal, and investigators began an investigation.

At first, Lockhart denied the accusations that he asked teachers to do the math homework. He claimed that he asked for tutors to help his son.

After a teacher told investigators he did the homework for the student out of respect for Lockhart, the principal allegedly admitted that he made a mistake.

Lockhart also did not report any student suspensions to the district and violated other policies.

Avossa said that because the principal’s “bad decisions” did not outweigh the good he had done, he was not fired.

Instead, he was demoted and he was reassigned to another school. The demotion will affect the principal’s family as it comes $21,000 pay cut.

In a statement, Lockhart’s attorney, Fred Schwartz, said: “Dr. Lockhart is the victim of an employee whom he reprimanded and whose transfer he sought. That employee made 38 allegations of misconduct against Dr. Lockhart, 35 of which had absolutely no merit.

“The other 3 appeared improper on the surface and caused an initial determination of termination.

“However, Dr. Lockhart met with the Superintendent, who is extremely bright and competent. The Superintendent understood that, while Dr. Lockhart had made a few mistakes, he did not act with malicious intent. Therefore, the Superintendent reversed the determination of termination.

“Dr. Lockhart is a gifted administrator and his continued employment will benefit the school district.”