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Woman dies after having four abortions in one year

By Mason White 2:57 PM July 21, 2017
Pregnant woman (illustration)
Pregnant woman (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A family is furious because a man abandoned his wife after she became sick due to having four abortions.

The woman of Anhui, China, died recently after aborting four pregnancies in one year in a desperate attempt to meet her husband’s demands for a son.

Four years ago, the woman gave birth to a girl. Last year, the couple decided to have another child, but the husband insisted that he wanted a boy.

However, every time she became pregnant, the couple discovered that she was carrying a girl.

Then the woman’s husband pressed her to end the pregnancy. The four abortions took a toll on the woman’s health.

When she became seriously ill, the husband filed for divorce.

The woman received 170,000 yuan ($25,000) in the divorce settlement. She used the money for medical treatment in Shanghai.

However, doctors were not able to save her life. During the month that she was in the hospital, the woman’s ex-husband spent his time buying a new car and dating another woman.

After her death, the woman’s family went to her ex-husband’s home carrying her ashes and demanded to see him as they blamed him for her death.

However, he hid in a neighbor’s house until they left.

The woman discovered the sex of her unborn children through ultrasound exams, which are illegal in China, for this very reason.

China outlawed sex determination in the late 1980s to stop parents from aborting the children if they were the “wrong” sex.

However, the practice still goes on in many illegal clinics around the country that still perform the ultrasounds.

Last week, a couple of brothers were arrested in Shenzhen for operating an illegal ultrasound business inside their minivan.