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Doctors amputate 5-year-old boy’s genitals after Air Force officer poured hot water on him as punishment

By Mason White 4:57 PM July 23, 2017
Sad boy (illustration)
Sad boy (illustration)
By: William Martin

An Air Force officer in Thailand, allegedly burned a young boy as punishment, prompting doctors to remove his genitals.

A lawyer in Bangkok, has filed a lawsuit against the officer after police refused to open an investigation or arrest him for the child abuse.

According to the lawsuit, the mother of the 5-year-old boy left him with the officer and his family as she went to work in another city.

The mother called every day to check on her son, but one day, the officer stopped taking her calls. The mother became worried and came back home to check on her child.

That is when she was told that her son was at the Pathum Thani Hospital, where he was being treated for severe burns to his abdomen, genitals and legs.

When the woman arrived at the hospital, doctors told her that they had no choice but to amputate the boy’s genitals because they were severely burned.

The boy is expected to suffer for life as a result of the burns.

The boy told his mother that the officer punishes him by pouring scalding water down his pants. The woman filed a complaint with the police, but officers ignored her.