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ISIS member fails attempt to flee Iraq looking like woman with full make up after accidentally leaving some facial hair

By Mason White 12:43 PM July 23, 2017
Before (left) after (center) another man dressed as woman
Before (left) after (center) another man dressed as woman
By: Mason White

A man put a lot of work into looking like a woman in order to flee from Iraqi forces.

Mosul was liberated from ISIS control after a nine month battle and many jihadist tried to flee the country.

Soldiers in Iraq, released photos of ISIS members who were caught while they were disguised as women.

One man seemed to have worked for hours putting on makeup and getting his eyebrows just right. However, his disguise did not work and he was captured because he forgot to shave his beard and mustache.

In a before and after photo, the ISIS fighter was first seen sporting a thick beard and mustache. In the second photo, he was seen dressed in woman’s clothes with makeup on his face.

However, despite shaving most of his beard, the ISIS member still had some facial hair left and that gave his identity away.

In another photo, an ISIS member was seen wearing makeup, a wig and padded bra, but he too was caught.