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Married teacher who is in jail for sleeping with 16-year-old student is suing her victim

By Mason White 12:34 PM July 23, 2017
Tara Jones Stumph
Tara Jones Stumph
By: Emily Lewis

A teacher who was jailed for sleeping with her student is suing him for ruining her reputation.

36-year-old Tara Jones Stumph, who once received the Teacher of the Year award, is now suing her student from behind bars.

Stumph, a mother of three children, was married to her husband who works as a firefighter in California, when she had sex with her 16-year-old student.

After their relationship was uncovered, Stumph was fired from her job at Arroyo Grande High School and she ultimately lost her teaching license.

In a plea deal with prosecutors, Stumph pleading no contest to one count of sex with a minor. A judge sentenced her to serve 180 days in the San Luis Obispo County Jail.

She was not required to register as a sex offender.

While spending time in jail for the crime of having sex with an underage teen, Stumph decided to sue the victim.

The former teacher claimed in the lawsuit that the student defamed her “to various classmates, family and other members of the community.”

Stumph’s lawsuit was filed after the victim’s family had named her and the Lucia Mar Unified School District in their own lawsuit, in which they claimed that the former teacher had sex with at least one other student.

According to the victim, Stumph “molested him during and after class, and she sent nude pictures and sexually explicit videos of herself to him over a period of several months.