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Slapping breasts to make them bigger becoming popular alternative to surgery

By Mason White 12:49 PM July 23, 2017
Khunying Tobnom slapping a client
Khunying Tobnom slapping a client
By: Tanya Clark

Some women go through surgeries to get bigger breasts.

However, others refuse to go under the knife to see their dreams of having bigger breasts come true.

One beauty treatment is getting a lot of attention in Thailand, and people claim that it works.

Beauty salon owner Khunying Tobnom, received a government license for her “hands on approach” to breast enlargement and women are flocking to her to get the painful treatment.

The Breast Slapping technique involves women having their breasts slapped and shocked with ice water.

10 minutes of slapping treatment allegedly increases one cup size.

The Thai Ministry of Health reportedly conducted a 6 month independent study, which concluded that the unusual method of hitting the breasts had a measurable effect and made the breasts larger.

Tobnom said that she discovered this method to getting bigger breasts as a teenager, when her grandmother slapped her breasts several times and then hit her with ice water.

She noticed that after the beating, her breasts grew by 4 inches.
According to Tobnom, the slapping method shifts fat from one area to another where they belong.

Tobnom is now practicing the alternative method in her beauty salon. Six 10-minute sessions costs about $380. She is also offering courses to become a certified “slapper.”