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Woman jailed for sending herself abusive messages and having her brother arrested by claiming he was sending them

By Mason White 12:46 PM July 23, 2017
Emily-Jo Banks
Emily-Jo Banks
By: William Martin

A woman of the United Kingdom, was jailed after she had her brother falsely arrested.

23-year-old Emily-Jo Banks of Kent, told police that her brother was sending her abusive messages via text and social media sites, and that he was stalking her.

She told police that her brother followed her to her home, climbed onto her garage and spied on her while she was in her backyard.

Richard Banks, who lives in Dover, was arrested after his sister called police and said that he had attacked her and forced her to take drugs.

Emily-Jo received an order of protection against her brother over this false claim.

Days later, she called police, claiming that her brother violated the order of protection and that she was attacked by her brother, who was hiding in the area.

Police used a helicopter in an attempt to find the brother, but were unable to locate him.

She claimed that her brother was angry because he did not like the man who impregnated her. Emily-Jo claimed to be 20 weeks pregnant at the time and this too turned out to be a lie.

The woman then told police details of the incident, which would have put him in two different places at the same time. This raised their suspicions and they went to the man’s house.

The man denied sending her any of the threatening messages. The man allowed officers to look through his phone and they did not find any messages to his sister.

He claimed that he did not see his sister for several years, and she made up the allegations against him.

Officers returned to the woman’s home and discovered that the abusive messages stopped while officers were inside her home.

Officers then reviewed the woman’s phone and discovered that she was logged into a Facebook and email account that she opened in her brother’s name.

Canterbury Crown Court heard that Emily-Jo sent herself the threatening messages from those accounts in an attempt to frame her brother.

“You deliberately made his life a misery. This was more than just a fantasy on your part,” Judge Rupert Lowe said before sentencing Emily-Jo to 18 months in prison and ordered her to stay away from her brother.