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Fearful 10-year-old boy runs away from country after getting bad report card from school

By Mason White 4:58 PM July 23, 2017
Boy alone on train (illustration)
Boy alone on train (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A young boy who got a bad report card from his school, was too scared to go home so he ran away from the country, according to police in Germany.

The parents of the 10-year-old boy called the police in Schleswig, after their child failed to come home from school on Friday afternoon.

Police launched a manhunt for the boy, but he was nowhere to be found. On Friday evening, train employees in Switzerland, called police to report a young boy traveling by himself to Basel.

Police officers took the child from the train and took him back to Germany.

The boy told police that he ran away from the country because he got a “C” on one of the subjects in the report card and he was afraid to show it to his parents.

When he left school, he bought a train ticket to Switzerland, went on board.

Police are investigating how the young child got on board the train without anyone noticing that he was not with an adult.