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5-year-old girl gets $200 fine for running lemonade stand without license

By Mason White 4:55 PM July 23, 2017
Andre Spicer's daughter selling lemonade
Andre Spicer’s daughter selling lemonade
By: Mason White

A young girl in the United Kingdom, was left crying uncontrollably after police gave her a fine for selling lemonade without a license.

Andre Spicer of London, said that he cannot understand why officers would cause his 5-year-old daughter so much pain just for selling lemonade on a street corner.

The incident unfolded on Saturday, as thousands of music fans made their way to the Lovebox Festival.

Spicer’s daughter thought it would be a good idea to set up a stand outside of her home.

After selling several cups of lemonade for 50 pence ($0.65) each, several police officers approached.

At first, the girl thought that they would buy lemonade, but then, they began reading her the offense she was committing.

The officers than gave her a fine of $200 for selling lemonade without a license. The girl began crying uncontrollably, and told her father that she had done something very bad.

After Spicer went public with the story, the council canceled the fine and apologized to the girl.

A spokesperson for the council said that police officers are expected to use common sense when issuing fines, and in this case they did not.