Sports commentators and fans went crazy after young boy put tomato sauce on his chocolate doughnut

The boy eating his doughnut
The boy eating his doughnut
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) The Internet seems to be going crazy over a young boy's bizarre condiment on his doughnut.

The young boy was enjoying The VFL Victorian Football League game at the Simonds Stadium, in Geelong, Australia, on Saturday.

His father bought him a doughnut that had chocolate and some sprinkles on top.

As the boy of Victoria, was preparing to eat the doughnut, sports commentators zoomed the cameras in on the boy. They saw him squeezing tomato sauce on top of the doughnut.

One sports commentator was heard saying: "In terms of the food pyramid and basic taste principles, sauce, you can't put on doughnuts."

The father has got the tomato sauce for himself as he was eating a pie and added the sauce. However, he had some sauce left so the boy grabbed it and put it on his doughnut.

Is seemed as though the boy was enjoying the condiment on his doughnut. Some people seemed to have gone crazy over the combination while others agreed with the boy over his food choice.

Brandon Gines Corgiozan said: "I put ketchup (because I'm American) on my chocolate chip cookies. They are amazing."

To which Tracey Wilcox replied: "Lol no offense Brandon Gines Corgiozan, but you eat like a pregnant woman."