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Family sues train driver and company after their son lost his legs while sitting near tracks with ear phones

By Mason White 1:06 PM July 25, 2017
Jacob Ohl
Jacob Ohl
By: William Martin

While most parents teach their children to stay away from train tracks, one family is suing the train company for not warning their son about the approaching danger.

The family of 17-year-old Jacob Ohl of Georgia, who lost his legs when he was hit by a train, is now suing the company.

Ohl was hit by the CSX train in March, as he was sitting near the railroad with his legs draped over the tracks with his headphones on.

In the lawsuit that was filed in DeKalb County, the family said that CSX Corporation, did not put up appropriate warning signs or fences to stop people from walking on the tracks.

They also believe that the accident could have been avoided if the train had properly functioning front-facing cameras for the train’s engineer and conductor to see their son and avoid hitting him.

They are also suing train operators Derrick Tyrone Marshall of Stone Mountain, and Clifton Edward Martin of Greenwood, South Carolina, for negligence.

According to the family, the teenager was at least 1,000 feet away from the train when Marshall and Martin first saw him, but they did not blow the horn or apply the emergency brakes immediately.

The train drove at least half a mile before coming to a full stop once the brakes were applied, police said at that time.

The family is seeking money for medical bills, which are over $200,000 plus future damages.

Ohl is now learning how to use his prosthetics. A GoFundMe page was established to help the family after the accident, and they collected over $45,600 in donations.