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Man kills his 5-year-old stepdaughter because it was not dinner time when she kept asking for food

By Mason White 3:19 PM July 25, 2017
Thomas McClellan and Luna Michelle Younger
Thomas McClellan and Luna Michelle Younger
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A man admitted to killing his young stepdaughter because she asked for food when it was not dinner time, according to police in Michigan.

Thomas McClellan, 25, of Holt, was babysitting his wife’s 5-year-old daughter, Luna Michelle Younger, when he killed her.

According to Detective Chuck Buckland, McClellan “snapped” when the hungry girl repeatedly asked for food. He ordered the girl to leave his room, but she refused.

He then killed her. McClellan told Buckland, that he killed the girl because it was not dinner time and she kept asking for food.

McClellan then covered the girl’s body with blankets and paper towels, poured vodka on them, and started a fire.

A medical examiner said that Younger was stabbed at least five times, which caused her death. She was already dead when McClellan set her on fire to hide evidence.

Firefighter Corey Drolett said that when he arrived at the home, he searched for the girl under a bed and in a closet before he found the charred body under blankets.

The girl’s mother, Victoria McClellan, told the court that her husband Thomas, had a very “fatherly” relationship with her daughter before he killed her.

Thomas is being held on charges of murder, first-degree child abuse and first-degree arson.

Attorney Patrick Crowley is not disputing the fact that Thomas killed the girl as he basically admitted it to police.

Crowley however, is disputing the first-degree murder charge, saying that Thomas did not plan the murder and it therefore only guilty of second-degree murder.

Crowley is aiming for a conviction of second-degree murder so that his client would get a chance for parole.

If Thomas gets convicted of first-degree murder, he would not be eligible for parole.

30th Circuit Court Judge Joyce Draganchuk will deliver the verdict as Thomas has selected a bench trial.