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Prostitute hires hitman to kill her new husband because she wanted to inherit his house and savings

By Mason White 3:24 PM July 25, 2017
Dalia Dippolito
Dalia Dippolito
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A woman who worked as a prostitute, hired a hitman to get rid of her new husband just months after their wedding because she wanted to inherit his money, according to police in Florida.

Boynton Beach police said that they have arrested 34-year-old Dalia Dippolito, after being accused of trying to have her husband killed.

In court, Dippolito has been found guilty of solicitation of first-degree murder. Circuit Judge Glenn Kelley sentenced her to serve 20 years in prison.

According to the police investigation, Michael Dippolito hired Dalia, who was working as a prostitute. After they had sex, Michael decided to marry her.

Following their wedding, Michael noticed that his wife was stealing money from him. Dalia began plotting for ways to get her husband killed in order to inherit his large house and life savings.

Dalia planted drugs in her husband’s car in an attempt to get him arrested. When that did not work, she poured antifreeze in his drink to poison him.

Finally she hired a hitman to kill her husband. She agreed to pay him $7,000. However, the hitman was an undercover police officer.

Police staged a crime scene, and when Dalia arrived, she began crying uncontrollably. She was placed into a police car and driven to the police station, where she was confronted with the evidence.