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Prostitute performed sex acts on Uber driver while horrified passenger in back seat begged them to stop

By Mason White 12:03 PM July 26, 2017
The Uber driver with the prostitute
The Uber driver with the prostitute
By: Emily Lewis

A man reached out to Uber after his horrific experience he had while using their service.

When he contacted Uber about the incident, they refunded his fare and offered a $10 credit, but they did not immediately fire the driver.

Uber said that the incident will be investigated, but Aner Manuel felt like they were not taking his complaint seriously.

He decided to post the graphic video of his disturbing ride to the Internet, to warn others about the danger of using Uber.

Manuel said that he did not select the UBerPool when he ordered the Uber car in Chicago, Illinois, at 3:00 a.m., but when the driver arrived, there was a prostitute in the front seat.

During the ride, Manuel realized that the woman was “clearly on drugs” and she tried to open the door of the vehicle while it was moving a few times before becoming sexual with the driver.

Manuel, who is from Boston, Massachusetts, asked the two to stop, but they refused. Since he was not familiar with the area, he did not get out of the vehicle.

Manuel took video with his phone as the driver and the woman were kissing. Soon, things took a bizarre turn and the prostitute began performing sex acts on the driver.

For about two miles, the intoxicated prostitute groped and performed sex acts on the driver before they stopped.

After Manuel posted the video online and it went viral, Uber finally took appropriate action to his complaint and fired the driver.