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Family speaks out after 15-year-old boy commits suicide as a result of dangerous Internet challenge

By Mason White 12:21 PM July 27, 2017
Isaiah Gonzalez
Isaiah Gonzalez
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A family is begging parents to check their children’s phones and social media accounts often.

This comes after the family of San Antonio, Texas, found 15-year-old Isaiah Gonzalez, dead when he committed suicide in an online dare.

Jorge and Angela Gonzales were horrified to learn that their son had been in contact with the people behind the Blue Whale Challenge.

The challenge reportedly involves getting the victims’ personal information before giving them orders on carrying out dangerous and extreme dares, which are to be completed over a 50-day period.

The dares include things such as carving a number into the arm, watching a scary movie in the middle of the night and drinking bleach.

In order to get to the next challenge, the victims must record themselves completing their current dares. If one does not do as told, the founders threaten them or their family with harm.

The challenge reportedly ends with a dare for suicide. Sadly, the perpetrators managed to find vulnerable kids to carry out the horrific acts.

In another case, a 16-year-old girl committed suicide in Atlanta, Georgia. Her death was also linked to the Blue Whale Challenge.