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Man arrested for driving motorcycle with topless decal of his ex-girlfriend

By Mason White 12:31 PM July 27, 2017
Timothy James Brandt
Timothy James Brandt
By: William Martin

A man who is still in love with his former girlfriend, decided to take a photo of her along for a ride on his motorcycle.

However, the woman was not amused as it was a semi-nude photo of her so she called police.

39-year-old Timothy James Brandt of Minnesota, was charged in the Faribault County District Court, with non-consensual dissemination of private sexual images.

According to police, Brandt put the decal of the topless woman on his motorcycle without her consent.

Brandt then posted a photo to Facebook, showing the decal on his motorcycle with the caption: “Beautiful day to show off the old lady, lol.”

The woman told police that she had previously consented to the photo being taken, but not shared.

In April, Brandt was arrested and charged with kidnapping and domestic assault after he did not allow the woman to leave his home. A judge ordered Brandt to stay away from the woman.

However, Brandt did not stay away. He now faces two additional counts for violating a restraining order after he was seen near the woman’s home twice.

One of the charges was upgraded to a felony because Brandt was in possession of a replica of a BB gun and a folding knife, according to the police report.