McDonald's employee takes photos of super dirty ice cream machine and uploads them on twitter

Dirty ice cream machine at McDonald's
Dirty ice cream machine at McDonald's
By: William Martin

A McDonald's employee who was about to retire, decided to expose the restaurant chain for disregarding the health of their customers.

The employee who identified himself as Nick from Louisiana, took photos of the ice cream machine, showing dirty and rotten ice cream inside the dispenser.

Nick removed a metal tray from the ice cream machine, which was supposed to be cleaned by the managers. The metal tray had a pile of rotten ice cream.

Nick took photos of the health hazard and uploaded them Twitter, where they went viral.

"This came out of McDonald's ice cream machine in case y'all were wondering," Nick wrote.

After people criticized Nick, he uploaded more photos, showing dirty machines at the restaurant. The photos also showed the floors covered in rotten leftover food.

Many people vowed never to buy ice cream from McDonald's after seeing these disgusting photos.

Nick was fired after sharing the photos, but he said he planned to retire so he did not care about the consequences.