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Parents sue bike sharing company because their 11-year-old son died while driving stolen bike into oncoming traffic

By Mason White 12:15 PM July 27, 2017
Kids trying to open locks of Ofo bikes
Kids trying to open locks of Ofo bikes
By: -William Martin

Parents are facing backlash over lack of responsibility over the supervision of their children after they filed a lawsuit against a bike sharing company because their son died while he drove a stolen bike.

The parents are suing bike sharing company Ofo, which is China’s second biggest shared bike startup. All of their bikes are yellow and are parked at strategic places so people can use them when needed.

The boy’s parents are seeking 8.78 million yuan ($1.3 million) in compensation after their 11-year-old son and three of his friends were able to crack the code to the bike’s locks and stole some of them.

The boys then broke the law by riding the bike on public roads.
According to Chinese traffic regulation, children under the age of 12 are prohibited from riding bicycles on public roads.

The 11-year-old boy and his three friends were riding the wrong way down a road when the child was run over by a bus that was turning a corner.

The boy was rushed to the hospital, where he died. The bus driver was not found to be at fault in the death, according to police.

However, the family is now placing the blame on the bike sharing company for using locks, which were not very secure.

According to the lawsuit, Ofo uses mechanical padlocks with a four-digit passcode, which the boys were able to figure out, instead of using electronic locks like another company, which sends registered users passwords via text messages.