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Man who killed his wife and stabbed her lover tells court that she provoked him by having sex in their bed

By Mason White 2:25 PM July 28, 2017
Azad Singh
Azad Singh
By: Tanya Clark

A man of the United Kingdom, was sentenced to life in prison for killing his wife and injuring her lover after he walked in on them having sex in his home.

46-year-old Azad Singh told the court that he was provoked by his wife before he stabbed her to death.

Singh claimed that his wife taunted him about his failure to satisfy her in bed before she brought home her lover.

Singh said that he lost it when he found them in bed together in their Willenhall, West Midlands, home. However, a judge denied this defense.

Detective Inspector Justin Spanner from Force CID, argued that there can be no justification for Singh’s actions “regardless of the emotions he felt at the time.”

After a seven day trial at the Wolverhampton Crown Court, Singh was found guilty of stabbing his 40-year-old wife, Kulwinder Kaur, who was the mother of his two children, to death.

He had previously pleaded guilty to wounding his wife’s lover by stabbing him in the face. The man survived the attack.

Singh was sentenced to life in prison and he must serve a minimum of 14 years.