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16-year-old boy charged as an adult for sexually assaulting five classmates

By Mason White 11:23 AM July 30, 2017
Conner Tatro
Conner Tatro
By: Emily Lewis

A teenager was arrested after 5 classmates claimed they were sexually abused by him.

The students all attend a private school in Vermont.

16-year-old Conner Tatro of West Fairlee, was charged with sexually assaulting five classmates at various locations on the Thetford Academy campus.

The teen pleaded not guilty to seven felony counts of sexual assault. Tatro is accused of sexually assaulting girls who are between 15 and 16-years-old.

The incidents occurred during and after school hours in the restrooms, cafeteria, school hallways, baseball field and in a wooded area near the campus.

Tatro is being charged as an adult given the seriousness of the allegations. The alleged attacks range from groping to rape. He also allegedly choked one girl when she refused to have sex with him.

Tatro was charged Wednesday in Vermont Superior Court, and was released to the custody of his mother.

He was banned from campus grounds, and Judge Timothy B. Tomasi ordered him not to have contact with the alleged victims or with girls under the age of 18 without supervision.