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Father arrested for hitting his daughter with foam pool noodle because she was beating children

By Mason White 1:07 PM July 30, 2017
Mclin Wilson
Mclin Wilson
By: Mason White

A father ended up behind bars after disciplining his daughter with a foam stick, according to police in Georgia.

The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office said that they have arrested Mclin Wilson, after being accused of assaulting Rebecca Hilburn.

Wilson has been charged with battery family violence and cruelty to children. He was booked into jail, pending a bail hearing.

According to the police investigation, on Saturday night, a fight broke out between Wilson and his daughter Hilburn.

Hilburn claimed that her daughter was playing with a hoola hoop when Wilson stepped on one. The child pulled the hoola hoop, causing Wilson to fall.

In response, Wilson grabbed a foam pool noodle and hit Hilburn in the face.

Wilson claimed that Hilburn was jumping on the children and he hit her with the pool noodle to stop her from assaulting the youngsters.

Police believed Hilburn’s story and arrested Wilson.