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Hungry dog gets head stuck in glass cookie jar while trying to get treat

By Mason White 1:22 PM July 30, 2017
Clara stuck in cookie jar
Clara stuck in cookie jar
By: Emily Lewis

A dog owner in the United Kingdom, was shocked to find her pet’s head stuck in a cookie jar when she came home from work.

26-year-old Sarah Jane Unwin of Rugby, Warwickshire, said that she kept cookies in a glass see through jar.

One day, she forgot to put the lid back on the jar, and left her dog Clara home alone. When she came home from work, she found Clara’s head stuck in the jar after the pet tried to get a cookie.

Unwin tried to remove the cookie jar with soap, but she was not able to. Unwin had no choice but to take her 4-month-old dog to the Rugby Central Vets4Pets.

A vet managed to remove the glass jar without causing any lasting injuries to Clara. During the entire ordeal, Clara did not seem to be in any distress.

Rugby Central Vets4Pets wrote on Facebook: “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar!” Clara did!! After getting her head stuck, her owner rushed her into the practice on Sunday, and luckily, we managed to free her with no lasting damage done. Always knew those cookies were naughty!”

Unwin wrote on Facebook: “Thanks again for helping her! She was acting like nothing has happened as soon as we got home lol.”