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Young woman dies after being tied up while having sex with her boyfriend

By Mason White 1:38 PM July 30, 2017
Katie Widdowson
Katie Widdowson
By: Tanya Clark

A young woman lost her life after having rough sex with her boyfriend, a panel in the United Kingdom has heard.

24-year-old Katie Widdowson of Birmingham, agreed to be tied up while having sex with her boyfriend.

The restraints caused cuts on Widdowson while having sex with her boyfriend. A few days after the sexual encounter, Widdowson went to the doctor as her wrist still hurt.

She was diagnosed with a simple strain, and sent home. A few days later, Widdowson was rushed to the Good Hope Hospital, after her condition deteriorated.

Doctors diagnosed her with a flesh-eating bacteria, which she contracted as a result of the cuts she received while having rough sex with her boyfriend.

She died of a heart attack as a result of Necrotising Fasciitis on her left wrist.

The panel concluded that the first doctors to diagnose Widdowson, failed to provide her appropriate medical treatment as she should have been kept in the hospital instead of being sent home.

Widdowson’s family members plans to sue the doctors for negligence.

Widdowson left behind her partner of five years Dean Smith, and one daughter.