College teacher hides video camera in his shoe and records up skirt of 71 women at shopping mall

Tsai Wei-Feng
Tsai Wei-Feng
By: William Martin

A college teacher who went on vacation, got into trouble after being caught recording up the skirt of many women at a shopping mall, according to police in Singapore.

41-year-old Tsai Wei-Feng of Taiwan, was in the country on vacation when he was caught violating women at the Takashimaya Shopping Centre, which is located on Orchard Road.

Wei-Feng was arrested, and has been charged with 71 counts of insulting modesty. In court, Wei-Feng pleaded guilty to 10 counts of insulting modesty.

He was sentenced to serve 18 weeks in prison as part of his plea bargain agreement with prosecutors. He could have been sentenced to one year in prison for each count for a total of 71 years.

According to the police investigation, Wei-Feng was a teacher at the National Sun Yat-sen University. Recently, he lost his job, and decided to take a vacation in Singapore.

The court heard that Wei-Feng hid a video camera in his left shoe, and positioned it to record upwards.

Wei-Feng then went to the Takashimaya Shopping Centre, where he placed his left shoe under the skirts of women to record upskirt photos and videos.

Wei-Feng was caught after accidentally bumping into one of his victims. The young woman thought Wei-Feng was acting strange so she followed him.

She then observed him placing his left shoe under the skirts of women. She alerted a security guard, who detained Wei-Feng and confiscated his camera.

Police found footage of 71 women on the device. Police also found video of women using the toilet at the shopping mall.