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72-year-old husband shoots 28-year-old wife after she told him he was not satisfying her financially or sexually

By Mason White 4:42 PM July 31, 2017
Clarence White
Clarence White
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A humiliated husband shot his wife after she complained that he was not satisfying her financially or sexually.

Police in New York, arrested 72-year-old Clarence White, for using a .22 caliber pistol to injure his much younger wife at his Bronx home.

Officers who responded to the call, which was placed by Clarence, found his wife, 28-year-old Dominique White, with a gunshot wound.

The woman was shot at about 8:40 a.m. She was in critical but stable condition, and was transported to Jacobi Medical Center.

The woman was shot in the right cheek and bullet fragments were still lodged in her face.

The couple, who had reportedly been married for three years and have a daughter together, admitted to arguing before the incident.

Money was tight after Clarence lost his job. According to Clarence, during their argument, Dominique ordered him to move out of their home.

Clarence said that as he was packing his bags, he found the pistol and put it in his pocket.

Before leaving, he decided to speak to his wife one last time in an attempt to reconcile.

However, Dominique dropped the bombshell that not only does he not provide financially for their family, he does not satisfy her in bed.

A humiliated Clarence pulled the gun and shot her in the face. He stated that he had no intention of killing his wife, but he just wanted to scare her.

To prove his point, Clarence said that he was the one to call 911. He also gave his wife a towel to stop the bleeding and did everything the 911 operator told him to do to take care of his wife before first responders arrived.

The couple has a history of domestic violence. Clarence was arrested three months ago for allegedly assaulting his wife.

Now, Clarence was charged with attempted murder, assault, harassment and weapons possession. A Bronx Criminal Court judge set his bail at $300,000.