Woman stomps on puppy killing it during fight with man

Tonia Ingle
Tonia Ingle
By: William Martin  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A dog owner in Arkansas, was devastated when his dog died in his arms after a woman stomped on it.

Police in Pea Ridge, arrested the woman after trampling the puppy to death near Fayetteville.

The owner of the puppy told police that 37-year-old Tonia Ingle, arrived at his home and appeared to be high on drugs. She then passed out for 10 minutes.

The man said that Ingle was having trouble breathing so he called 911. Ingle awoke. She started yelling and kicking things at him.

The man said that he pushed Ingle toward the door in order to get her to leave.

When Ingle reached the door, she saw the man's 5-week-old puppy on the ground. She raised her foot and stomped on the puppy.

The man then pushed Ingle through the door. As she fell, he quickly locked the door and picked up his puppy.

Sadly, the puppy died in his hands a few minutes later. The man called police who found Ingle at a nearby Walmart.

Imgle told officers that she and the man had been fighting. When the officer asked Ingle about the puppy, she initially replied "what puppy?" According to the police report.

After further questioning, Ingle told police that she may have accidentally stepped on the puppy during the fight.

Ingle was arrested on a charge of aggravated cruelty to a dog. She was booked at the Washington County Detention center. Bail was set at $3,500.