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Taxi driver pinches passenger’s breasts because she identified as lesbian

By Mason White 4:06 PM August 1, 2017
Iniobong and Juicy J
Iniobong and Juicy J
By: Mason White

A woman was left traumatized after a taxi driver pinched her breasts when she identified herself as a lesbian, according to police in Nigeria.

Lagos police said that they have arrested the Taxify driver, who was identified as Iniobong, after being accused of sexually assaulting his passenger during a ride.

Iniobong is facing one count of sexual assault. Taxify has since blocked him from their platform.

According to the police investigation, a law student of the University of Lagos, ordered a taxi from the Taxify platform on Friday.

Iniobong picked her up and drove her home. On the way, the student who identified herself as Juicy J on Twitter, told Iniobong that she was a lesbian.

In response, Iniobong pinched her breasts, saying that he wanted to test her if she was not attracted to men. The driver laughed while violating his passenger.

The student told the driver that what he did was extremely inappropriate, and she complained to Taxify. Taxify immediately blocked Iniobong for their platform, and they called the police.

Juicy J wrote about her experience on Twitter: “so I’m in a Taxify and the driver keeps talking. Sexual orientation became the topic and I said I’m a lesbian.

“This guy reached out to me and squeezed my nipple. You can’t even imagine my shock.”

Juicy J later wrote: “This is Iniobong with the police. He’s been taken away to the police station now and will be charged with sexual assault. Thank you Taxify.”

Some people are calling on police to arrest Juicy J as it is illegal to be lesbian in the country.

Moses Robinson wrote on Twitter: “Hey. Isn’t being lesbian or gay illegal in Nigeria? Who should police arrest? Driver or Passenger? Both?”