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Dog eats 25 painkillers it mistook for gummy worms

By Mason White 3:38 PM August 1, 2017
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A dog nearly died after eating many painkillers, which it mistook for candy, according to police in Maine.

The York County Sheriff’s Office said that on Thursday, a woman flagged down Sergeant David Chauvette in Lyman, because she was fearful that her dog, Addie, had “overdosed” on oxycodone.

The three-year-old yellow lab inadvertently ate the legally prescribed medication, and the owner was very fearful that the dog would overdose.

Addie seemed a bit drowsy, and the woman sought assistance from a vet to no avail.

Consequently, she flagged down the sergeant and asked him to administer the popular anti-opioid “Narcan” to Addie. He did and Addie seemed to perk up a little.

According to the owner this evening, Addie seems fine and she is grateful the sheriff’s office carries this life saving drug.

Leslie Reynolds said that she realized something was wrong with her dog when it appeared lethargic. When she checked on her daughter’s oxycodone pills, she realized that they were gone.

Apparently, Addie mistook the oxycodone for gummy worms and ate them.