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Husband forced to pay $3,600 after calling rescue helicopter because his wife was too tired to walk down mountain

By Mason White 2:09 PM August 2, 2017
Rescue helicopter (illustration)
Rescue helicopter (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A mountain climbing trip turned into a very expensive outing for a couple.

An air ambulance and rescue personnel were called to help a mountain climber in Sweden, before discovering that the only thing the woman suffered from was tiredness.

The husband and wife called for help from a mountain in Jokkmokk.

The couple called police and claimed that they needed a helicopter as the woman was having trouble walking and was unable to get off the mountain.

Thinking it was an emergency, air ambulance and mountain rescue workers were sent to the scene.

However, when they arrived, they discovered that the woman was not injured. She was simply too tired to walk and she was looking for a ride down the mountain.

As being tired is not considered a legitimate reason to call the mountain rescue service, the couple were offered the option of trying to get off the mountain by themselves or pay for the helicopter ride.

The couple ultimately chose to pay the 30,000 kronor ($3,600) fee for the helicopter ride down.

Police spokesperson Marie Andersson said that mountain rescue is for when there is a danger of life or health. She recommends people to rest and eat on the mountain before making their way down.