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Father holding baby gets punched in the face by airport worker after complaining about delayed flight

By Mason White 4:47 PM August 2, 2017
Airport workers punches father in the face
Airport workers punches father in the face
By: Mason White

A father of the United Kingdom, was shocked to get punched in the face by an airport worker after complaining about a delayed flight in France.

Police in Nice, said that they are investigating the incident, during which a father who was holding his 9-month-old child in the hands, was punched in the face by an airport worker.

The fight broke out on Saturday, as passengers waited to board easyJet flight EZY2122 from Nice to London. After the flight was delayed for 13 hours, the father complained to the airport worker, who was not identified.

The father allegedly said that he was having a very bad day before the employee punched him in the face. Another passenger pulled the airport employee away from the victim to stop the fight.

Some people at the scene suggested that the father assaulted the employee first. Airport officials said that they have suspended the airport worker pending the outcome of the investigation.

EasyJet officials apologized to the father, and confirmed that the airport worker was not employed by the airline. When the father finally got on board the plane, passengers noticed that he had a large bruise under his eye.

Prosecutors said that they might seek the extradition of the passenger, claiming that he was the aggressor.

EasyJet said that the flight was delayed after a fuel truck drove away with the hose still attached to the plane, causing significant damage.