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Mother proud of 5-year-old son who drew picture of her bleeding from private parts during period

By Mason White 4:41 PM August 2, 2017
Julian Rohleder draws mother having period
Julian Rohleder draws mother having period
By: Tanya Clark

People were shocked to see a mother of the United Kingdom, post a photo on Facebook, showing her son’s drawing of his mother having her period.

Penny Rohleder of Orange, New South Wales, said that she was proud that her 5-year-old son Julian, knows what it means for a woman to have her period.

Julian recently drew a picture of his family on a white paper. He gave the drawing to his mother, and she proudly posted it on Facebook.

The photo shows Julian with her mother. Julian drew red on her mother’s private parts, indicating that she was having her period.

“Oh this is so funny. Julian drew a family portrait (forgot Mayanna and Arlyn), but I said to him ‘what’s that red thing on me?’ He said ‘that’s your period,'” Penny wrote.

Penny said that she was proud that her son knows that she can have a period as some of her boyfriends did not know.

Penny revealed that she changes her pad and tampon in front of her son as she likes to be open about her bodily functions.