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Three gang members killed in courthouse after stealing officers’ guns and trying to flee

By Mason White 2:06 PM August 2, 2017
Abdumukim Mamadchonov one of the gang members
Abdumukim Mamadchonov one of the gang members
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) Three gang members were killed in a courthouse during a shootout with police in Russia.

The three men were accused of being part of a gang that terrorized and killed at least 17 motorists.

The gang, known as the “Grand Theft Auto Gang,” placed spikes on dark roads in Moscow, and when the drivers came out to change their tires, the men robbed and killed them.

Police and a vigilante group searched for the gang for years before they were finally apprehended. One of the group allegedly fought for ISIS in Syria, before moving to Russia.

This week, five of the suspects were being transported to Moscow Regional Court. While they were in an elevator, they managed to steal guns from officers.

They then pried open the elevator door in an attempt to get away. However, they were immediately shot by armed police who were outside the elevator.

Three of the five gang members were killed while the other two were injured. Two police officers and a security guards were also injured during the shooting. They are recovering at a hospital.