British woman raped 5-year-old girl while self proclaimed female pedophile in California watched live

Sarah Gotham
Sarah Gotham
By: Mason White

A woman in the United Kingdom, was arrested for reportedly raping a young girl in her home.

The Plymouth Crown Court heard that 34-year-old Sarah Gotham, live streamed herself sexually abusing the 5-year-old girl.

The rape came to light after FBI agents who were investigating child exploitation and abuse, arrested a woman of San Diego, California.

The woman, a self-proclaimed pedophile, told authorities that she was in contact with other pedophiles. She exposed Gotham and her ex-boyfriend Craig Forbes, 36.

Police in the U.K., discovered that Gotham sexually assaulted the girl several times. In some of the cases, Forbes joined in.

The couple was naked in their bed with the young girl, who was drugged and seemed to be unaware what was taking place.

Gotham was charged with six counts of sexual assault against the child while Forbes was charged with four counts of sexual assault.