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Man jumps off bridge and lands on top of 19-year-old woman injuring her

By Mason White 12:07 PM August 3, 2017
Cienna Cook
Cienna Cook
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) Parents are looking for a man who jumped into a river and landed on top of their daughter.

Cienna Cook, 19, was inner tubing on the Boise River in Idaho, when a man jumped from the Baybrook bridge and landed feet first on her abdomen.

The man was about 250 pounds and jumped from about 20 feet high in the air.

The impact was so great that she was unable to move or swim, and she floated helplessly in the current down the river until a man who witnessed the incident from the bridge, jumped in to rescue her.

After he brought Cook the safety, the man, the jumper and their friends fled from the scene.

Cook was taken by ambulance to a hospital. She suffered severe bruising to her organs and she has internal bleeding. She also has a large gash on the right side of her face.

Some people told police that they heard the suspect talking about jumping close to a person who was floating even though it is illegal to jump within 50 feet of a boater.

Although jumping into the water is allowed, according to Boise city code, people can receive up to a $100 citation for jumping closer than 50 feet to anyone in the water below.

Cook is still in the hospital and she will be unable to return to work for some time.

Cook’s boyfriend, Justin White-Ammons, set up a GoFundMe to help her family pay for their medical bills.