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Naked man uses adult toy to pleasure himself on busy New Jersey highway

By Mason White 3:20 PM August 3, 2017
Stephen Kurkowiak
Stephen Kurkowiak
By: Alexis Bell

Motorists called police to report a naked man walking on a busy highway and pleasuring himself with an adult toy, according to police in New Jersey.

Mahwah police said that they have arrested 39-year-old Stephen Kurkowiak of Amsterdam, New York, after being accused of exposing himself in public.

Kurkowiak had been charged with lewdness. He was booked at the Mahwah Police Headquarters, and he was released without bail.

According to the police investigation, Kurkowiak went to Route 287, where he stripped off his clothes.

He then walked on the shoulder of the highway, and used an adult toy to pleasure himself in full view of passing motorists.

Kurkowiak told police that he likes to get naked and record himself. Police seized a camera and the adult toy as evidence.

Police found Kurkowiak’s clothes nearby. He was ordered to dress himself and taken to the police station.