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Woman tries to return and get refunds for 67 stolen items from Walmart

By Mason White 12:09 PM August 3, 2017
Kimberly Fuller McCabe
Kimberly Fuller McCabe
By: Tanya Clark

Police in North Carolina, were called to a Walmart by a manager after a woman asked to get refunds on 67 items.

The problem was that the items she tried to return, had been stolen from the same store.

The Lincolnton Police Department were called at around 12:00 p.m., to the Walmart located 306 N. General’s Blvd., on a report of a possible fraud.

Upon arrival, officers made contact with management who advised that a suspect was attempting to return merchandise that was stolen from the store.

Officers confronted 44-year-old Kimberly Fuller McCabe, after she tried to return 67 random items, including underwear, medical supplies, clothing, notebooks and magazines.

McCabe was arrested without incident, and the merchandise was documented and returned to Walmart.

McCabe was charged with attempted felony obtaining property by false pretense. A Lincoln County District Court judge set her bail at $10,000.

McCabe has prior convictions for felony larceny, second-degree trespassing, and filing a false police report. She is also currently on probation for her convictions.