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Hotel owner rapes female guest in her room after night of drinking with victim and her friend

By Mason White 2:13 PM August 4, 2017
Hotel room (illustration)
Hotel room (illustration)
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) The owner of a hotel took advantage of a drunk guest and forcefully had sex with her, according to police in Japan.

Fukuoka police said that they have arrested 34-year-old Soichi Osabe, after being accused of raping the woman in front of her female friend.

Osabe has been charged with one count of coerced intercourse resulting in injury.

In court, Osabe denied the allegations of rape but admitted to touching the woman without her consent.

According to the police investigation, the victim and her friend, traveled from South Korea to Fukuoka. They booked a room at Osabe’s hotel.

On Saturday, Osabe and the two women drank alcohol. On Sunday, at around 6:00 a.m., Osabe raped the 30-year-old woman in her room.

The woman suffered injuries during the attack. Later in the day, the woman notified the South Korean Consulate General, and police were called.