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Government urges husbands to sell their wives to raise money for toilets

By Mason White 2:02 PM August 4, 2017
Bathroom (illustration)
Bathroom (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) Poor people in India, were shocked when a government official told them to sell their wives in order to raise money to build toilets in their homes.

Kanwal Tanuj, who is a government official in Bihar, recently addressed a group of people about the importance of adhering to new sanitary laws, which require people to build toilets in their homes.

When one man in the audience suggested that he was too poor to construct a toilet, Tanuj urged him to sell his wife and raise the funds.

Tanuj then went on to say that those husband who cannot find the money to build toilets in their homes, should sell their wives in order to save their dignity.

The official suggested that men who refused to spend money on toilets in their homes, do not deserve to be married.

The government recently passed The Clean India Mission, which aims to improve sanitary conditions in the country, where people urinate and defecate in the streets.

Most homes in the country do not have any toilets. The cost to build a toilet stands at $188.