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Plane with 241 passengers makes emergency landing after toilets stopped working due to full sewage tanks

By Mason White 2:24 PM August 4, 2017
Commercial airplanes (illustration)
Commercial airplanes (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

A plane that was carrying hundreds of passengers from Greece to Canada, made an emergency landing after the toilets shut down.

The Boeing 767-300 that was scheduled to land on Toronto, had to be diverted the Montreal, after the pilot received a warning that the plane’s sewage tanks were full.

Flight RV-1901 from Athens, had 241 passengers and 8 crew members on board.

The flight made the emergency landing in Montreal, where technicians fixed the problem with the sewage tanks. In total, the flight was delayed for 2 hours.

The pilot called in the emergency landing after notifying passengers that the toilets could no longer be used.

It turned out that the sewage tanks were not really full.

Workers who fixed the problem with the plane said that the sensor of the sewage tanks broke down and falsely indicated that they were full.