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New York police release photos of robber who threatened women with acid to steal their money

By Mason White 1:22 PM August 4, 2017
The suspect
The suspect
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) Women were left terrified after a man confronted them with a bottle and warned about splashing them with acid if they did not hand over their money.

Police in New York, have now released photos of the wanted man and are asking people to help them identify him.

The NYPD said that the robberies happened in May, at the Citibank at First Avenue and East 68th Street in Manhattan.

The man entered the bank while holding a clear bottle with an unknown substance, which he claimed was acid.

The first victim was a 22-year-old woman. The suspect demanded $1,000. He warned her that if he did not get it, he will splash her with the acid.

The woman handed over the entire sum of money.

Weeks later, he confronted a 36-year-old woman. He once again had a bottle and threatened to harm her with acid if she did not hand over $1,000.

The victim withdrew $500, handed it over to the man and fled from the bank. Both women gave police the same description of the suspect.

At first, police released a blurry photo of the suspect. However, after months of investigating and reviewing surveillance videos from the area, police found a much clearer photo, and they hope someone will come forward with information about the suspect.