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Suicidal inmate slices off his own penis after being allowed to have a razor blade

By Mason White 2:22 PM August 4, 2017
Prisoner (illustration)
Prisoner (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

Family members of a prison inmate in the United Kingdom, are angry after the man used a razor blade to slice off his own penis.

55-year-old Peter Smith of Manchester, was charged with gun and drug possession, and was remanded into prison.

After several days, Smith grew suicidal. At the police station, Smith used a sharp plastic to cut his own wrists.

Prison staff knew about his condition, but allowed him to carry a razor blade, according to Smith’s family members.

One morning, prison staff discovered Smith in his cell covered in blood. Smith, who is the father of five children, managed to slice off his own penis with the razor blade.

He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors spent 26 hours trying to save Smith’s organ, but they failed. Smith is still recovering at the hospital.

Smith’s family members are preparing to file a lawsuit against the Manchester prison for failure to properly guard the inmate against self harm.

Smith’s son William, 27, urged officials to place his father in a psychiatric unit instead of the prison hospital.