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Asylum seeker rapes woman because he became aroused while dancing at nightclub

By Mason White 4:15 PM August 6, 2017
Derek Mutambuka
Derek Mutambuka
By: Mason White

A teenage asylum seeker attacked two women after he became aroused at a nightclub, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Now, the rapist who attacked two women in one night has been jailed.

According to the police investigation, in the early hours of the morning, 19-year-old Derek Mutambuka of Gateshead, danced at a nightclub.

He told police that he became aroused and went after women.

He grabbed the first victim and tried to touch her inappropriately. She managed to break free and get to safety.

Less than ten minutes later, Mutambuka went on to rape the second victim near the St. Marks Church in Gateshead. He only stopped the attack after a good Samaritan intervened.

Mutambuka spit blood at the good Samaritan before running away from the scene. On Friday, he was sentenced to nine years in prison after being found guilty of rape and sexual assault.

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Bond said: “Mutambuka is very clearly a dangerous individual and I’m pleased he is in prison where he cannot cause further harm.”

Mutambuka came to the country from Rwanda, and petitioned for citizenship.