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Attorney arrested for exercising her right to remain silent during traffic stop

By Mason White 2:45 PM August 30, 2017
Rebecca Musarra being arrested 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A woman filed a lawsuit against the police after being arrested for remaining silent, according to court documents in New Jersey.

Rebecca Musarra, who is a lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, said that the police officers involved in her arrest violated her basic civil rights.

According to the lawsuit, at least three police officers insisted that her refusal to answer questions was a criminal act.

Attorneys for the police department asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit, saying that the officers acted in good faith and without fraud or malice.

Officer Matthew Stazzone pulled over Musarra, accusing her of speeding. He was quickly joined by another officer, Demetric Gosa.

Stazzone approached the vehicle on the passenger side and asked Musarra for her license, registration and insurance. The officer then asked her if she knew why she was stopped.

She did not respond. After asking her several more times, Stazzone warned her with arrest for not answering. Stazzone then ordered her out of the vehicle.

Musarra then asked them is she was being arrested for remaining silent, and they said “yes.” Stazzone then told her that she had the right to remain silent and placed her in the police car.

She was taken to a police station and released without charge.