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Police respond after people saw cat holding rifle while sitting on tree

By Mason White 2:08 PM August 7, 2017
Cat holding object that looked like rifle
Cat holding object that looked like rifle
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) People freaked out after noticing a cat armed with a rifle sitting on a tree, according to police in Oregon.

The Newport Police Department said that officers quickly responded to the scene, where the spotted the cat sitting on the tree with what appeared to be an automatic rifle.

Officers used a K9 to determine that the cat was not in possession of a weapon.

When officers looked more closely, they realized that the cat was just sitting near a tree branch that appeared to be a rifle.

Police wrote about the experience on Facebook: “Reports of an armed cat this morning were unfounded. The feline was contacted by our canine and was determined to be in possession of a non-lethal tree branch.

“The cat was given a verbal warning for posing with what could be mistaken as an assault rifle while wearing poor camouflage attire.”

Police uploaded a photo of the cat on Facebook, where it went viral.