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Snake bites woman’s behind while she sat on toilet

By Mason White 2:16 PM August 7, 2017
Snake in toilet bowl (illustration)
Snake in toilet bowl (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A company executive and her daughter in Thailand, are afraid to use the bathroom in their home after both of them found snakes during separate incidents.

42-year-old Phanarat Chaiboon of Bangkok, suffered injuries to her behind while sitting on the toilet of her home.

Her 15-year-old daughter Gift spotted a large snake in the toilet bowl and vowed never to return to her home.

Chaiboon, who is an executive at a food company, said that when she sat on the toilet, she felt a sharp pain on her behind.

She looked and was horrified to see a lot of blood and a snake in the toilet bowl. She quickly shut the lid of the toilet, and drove to the Phyathai 3 hospital.

Doctors refused to treat Chaiboon with antivenom as they were unsure about the type of snake that bit the woman.

A security guard went into the woman’s home and confirmed that the snake was a python. The security guard removed the snake.

The woman was treated with antibiotics to prevent infection and was released.

Chaiboon, who is a mother of four children, said that her insurance refused to cover all her medical bills, and it cost her $700.

Later that day, Gift went into the toilet and spotted a large snake in the toilet bowl. She ran away from home and went to live with relatives.

Chaiboon’s apartment cost $1 million.